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Dad Mood ChartTracking my emotions throughout the day

Everyone loves an origin story

The other morning I got up at 5 AM to stumble into the Californian darkness to smoke a brisket. After a brief battle with the smoker [which I won], I found myself surrounded by the rare sound of silence and an opportunity to reflect on my parenting, or lack thereof, from the previous day. Thus, the above mood chart was born.

Not everyone can be Danny Tanner

Like most fathers, I assume most at least, I love my child. However, said child drives me absolutely nuts, as seen above, and I’m pretty sure he’s doing it on purpose.

What’s worse is he’s only two and the thought of having to ‘parent’ until he’s at least a semi-functional adult [until he’s like what…30?] absolutely terrifies me. I’m not what you would consider a ‘natural parent/father’. Being a parent isn’t something I’ve ever really dreamt of doing. That said, now that I am a parent, I do want to be a good one. Or at worst an average parent.

As a benchmark: on a spectrum of Uncle Phil to Nelson’s Dad from the Simpsons I’m probably somewhere in the middle.

This journey to become a decent father, and maybe even a decent human being in the process, is the driving force behind this blog. I’ll be jotting down my successes, failures, and because I’m super against dadbod, the occasional workout accomplishments in between.

If you’re still with me, here’s hoping we can all learn together!

– Fathersaurus aka Tam
– Current mood: non-roaring

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